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🌁Opening the Gate To The Universal Heart💗Self~Intimacy Symbol💞Activate the Inner Tantra Dance💗

Good Love & Great Light Illuminators!🙏🙌🌠🌈💎

Time stamp 1:51:54~

Self Intimacy ~ Activating the Innrer Tantra Dance

🍎Teachers of Teachers🍏...I was also guided to share these #sacredsymbols and #SacredCircuits during my previous #GoddessFriday Webinar

for all to use as a #permissionslip to #KnowThyself more fully by identifying in the #Now moment your Power to Create Your Own Reality in Harmony with your Core Vibration...🌈🌀LOVE🎶💚🎼💎☯️💙💫💜


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