About Wendy Wolfe

Wendy Wolfe is a multidimensional Light Language linguist and guide residing in Southern Florida, USA. Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs along the Great Lake Michigan shores, she worked, raised two sons, retired, and by 11th month of 2011 her conscious awakening went into full bloom. Growing up singing and fully believing that she was able to speak with her angels, ancestors, nature, animals and beings beyond the stars, Wendy has always deeply felt the Universal harmony and inter-connectedness of all things.

Upon following a holistic / spiritual path and practicing meditation, Wendy found the ability of energetic self-healing; however, her journey "Siriusly" began after finding channelings from Bashar which lead her to discover the Sassani / Shakani races and their Sirius Sacred Circuits, activating memories deep within her and igniting her awareness of her life-long psychic abilities and multidimensional connections. Once she began asking the Universe where to meet like-minded individuals, she came across the Human Colony (Hucolo) channeling community in its beginning days and became a founding member of the community. This reconnected with members with her Soul Tribe and propelled her to begin helping others become aware of their multidimensionality.


Soon after, she was telepathically contacted by the Elohim and the Emissaries of the Light Collective (a collective consciousness of countless Beings aligned with Source Light, spanning all dimensions, densities, & parallel realities – endearingly abbreviated as "Emili"), and she began channeling intentionally for the first time.

Her awareness and remembrance of these Divine connections guided her to activate and begin using Light Languages, learning from her Guides how we can apply them in daily life for profound shifts in the experience of reality.


She has since remembered her Soul Purpose of illuminating planetary consciousness by activating the Teachers of the Teachers.

Wendy receives information through all forms of channeling (conscious, sub-conscious, and trance) depending on what the situation calls for energetically. She communicates timeless celestial information through the Universal Light Languages by speaking, singing, hand signing and scribing Light Codes to guide others in re-igniting their Divine Light.


She has learned from her Guides the importance of connecting with nature to expand multidimensional awareness and innate abilities. This especially includes connecting with the Elementals, Nature Spirits, and Animal Collectives which facilitates our cosmic connections with the Hybrid Children and our parallel aspects guiding us from other realms. Strengthening her connection to nature is how she has established conscious contact with the Hybrid Children and remembered, as a Hybrid Mother, volunteering to also be a First Contact Specialist for humanity as we meet our Star Families again.


She is determined, through guidance as a Galactic Shamanic Ambassador, to tie these multidimensional threads of Science & Spirituality together during this incredible shift to higher consciousness happening on Earth. 


Wendy shares these gifts and insights through videos, events, classes, and private consultations.


Email: languagesoflights@gmail.com

Address:   Languages Of Lights

                  6164 SW 192nd Ave

                  Pembroke Pines, FL 33332



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