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Galactic Light Language Everyday Activations

- a Series of Composition Books just for You - 

Galactic Light Language Symbols and Glyphs Divinely created to be used in every day life with the intention to aid in spiritual activations for the user and anyone exposed to it. Bring these books with you to work,  school, and everywhere, to amplify your daily activities as well as for private journaling, note taking, etc. ... the uses are UNLIMITED!

These standard B5 size composition note books (7.44"x9.69") are available in soft cover in both cream and white colored notebook pages and are wide-ruled for easy writing of all types.  Each page is also encoded with a hand-drawn light language glyphs specifically for these books!

Activate your Day TODAY!

Composition Book Volume 1

3d Composition Book 2_edited.png

Composition Book Volume 2

3d Composition Book 3_edited.png

Composition Book Volume 3

3d Composition Book 4_edited.png

Composition Book Volume 4

3d Composition Book 5_edited.png

Composition Book Volume 5

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