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Intention & Manifestation

Weekly Planner

Set your weekly intentions and manifestations by writing them in this easy to carry 52 week planner.

Each week is amplified by unique Galactic Star Codes (Light Language) to aid in focus, intention, and imagination!

This planner includes places to write each day's intentions, weekly manifestation desires, and an area to record Signs, Symbols, and Synchronicities! Plus, an area to record notes for each week!

Weekly Galactic Star Codes, also referred to as "Light Language" were created by Galactic Shaman and Light Language Specialist, Wendy Wolfe. Wendy channeled these codes over many years by using a technique called "Automatic Writing" and connects to many different multi-dimensional sources including Angels, Guides, and "Emili", the Emissaries of the Light "collective", among many others, to bring us higher consciousness information, new information, and guidance.


6x9, hard and soft cover available

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