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Host of "Light Language Linguistics & Multidimensionality"
~ On Fridays at 2pm CST ~ With guests and interactive Live Chat ~

Light Languages are timeless, energetic languages transmitting multidimensional information and Light Codes for specific purposes, greatly assisting us & our planet. These nonlinear languages engage our Heartspace instead of logic. They can help us elevate energy, heal on different levels, activate DNA, and enhance intuitive/psychic abilities... but that's just the beginning!

This weekly show is devoted to explaining and discussing our innate ability to use Light Languages (in many forms) for the upliftment of our individual AND collective realities. Learn how holistic living helps us experience that All is interconnected. Join Wendy & some Shining Guests for an interactive space with Light Language Activations, intuitive channeling Q&A, Oracle Card & Crystal readings, and Belief System Breakthroughs.

Network LAUNCH is 11/11/19
Visit www.AwakeTVNetwork.com

Ongoing Events
Join WEEKLY Light Language gatherings online!
Livestreaming on YouTube

"Expressions in Light Languages ~ WEdNesDaYs with Wendy" at 1:11pm
A Sacred Space to Explore, Express & Transform in Light Languages
Follow our Blog for weekly participation (with video/audio) & watch links!
Past Events

Power & Purpose of Light Language

Aug. 16-17, 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

~ B Ocean shore resort ~

Presented by Linda Lee Hack, Wendy Wolfe, Breanna Lynn Houk. Sound Bath by Sheri Kaplan


Email: languagesoflights@gmail.com

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                 Stewart, TN  37175


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