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Digital Downloads

Shamanic Spirit Art

These symbols are infused with multidimensional quantum source energy to be used as individually guided.  They exist in a digital energetic state, which, when downloaded and printed bring that energy of source into our physical reality.  The meanings of each of these symbols are personal - the wonderful gift we have as creators is that we get to assign our own meanings to these tools and permission slips and apply them as self-empowering connections from your heart connection direct from source into your physical reality experience.


Use these Sacred Circuitry Symbols as a new way to interact with your higher mind. Your Multi-verse ... the parallel versions of yourselves, the crystalline structures of your consciousness. The multidimensional you.

The ride is the destination.  The only destination.

DESTIN - A - TION  -- listen to your language... you created it.

Destined, your destiny, it's not about what you are destined to be... it's about discovering all the ever-changing, ever-evolving, you that you already are.

As you become more and more AWARE, of the idea that each and every one of you IS A COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, connecting with - not just capable of, but actually, already, are always connecting to every other being... that are also their own collective consciousness.

Isn't that something to get excited about?


​​Transmission from ECHO and the SIRIUS Star System collective consciousness


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