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About My Private Sessions

My Sessions are intended to assist in

unlocking & aligning you with your soul purpose.


During a session with me, I will connect the most appropriate spirits, guides, Angels, or any other higher dimensional beings of light to help assist and guide you in your spiritual journey of enLIGHTenment.

I may receive channeled guidance, Light Language messages and activations, Light Code symbols, visions, and other transmissions to assist in your growth, integration and expanding awareness.

Co-Creating Together...

Welcome to my high vibrational world where abundance has no limitations! It is in my highest joy and excitement to share my gifts with you and participate in a co-creation whereby I can assist you in UNLOCKing your potential for expanding to a higher consciousness!

This comprehensive experience may include:

  •  Light Language

    • Activations using the Languages of Lights

      • Unlock your dormant & etheric DNA

      • Personalized Light Code symbols (facilitate your intentions)

    • Guidance for YOUR ABILITY to use Light Language purposefully

  • Intuitive Channeling

    • Receive specific insight & higher awareness

  •  Oracle Card Readings for guidance on:

    • Soul Plan Alignment

    • Specific questions

  • Belief System Breakthroughs to:

    • Manifest realities aligned with your Highest Good

    • Empower your innate self-healing abilities

    • Expand your perception of yourself and what you believe is possible

  • Healing

    • Master Healing (for all timelines / dimensions / realities)

    • Galactic Energy Healing

    • Distance Healing (Frequency/Sound)

    • Emotional / Physical / Mental / Spiritual Healing

What is Light Language?

Light Language is a Quantum Tool of Pure Intention which can access and affect all space / time / dimensions (physical, non-physical and parallel realities).


Anyone can express Light Language.


The usages and benefits of Light Languages are all-encompassing and the applications are truly limitless.

This also includes intentionally activating energetic portals across Gaia (especially in your local area) which helps all life on this planet by restoring harmonic vibrations for uplifting our collective body/mind/spirit and physical environment.

Co-Creating Together...

It is in my highest joy and excitement to share my gifts with you and participate in a co-creation whereby I can assist you in UNLOCKing your potential for expanding to a higher consciousness!

After our shared experience together, if you would like to share any of your gifts with me, I will always be excited to accept them in highest gratitude, in whatever form you are guided.

Oracle Card


Intuitive Guidance


Colorful Leaf

Oracle Card & Intuitive Guidance Readings focus on specific or general intentions for guidance and support on your path.

As Spirit directs the flow of which Oracle Cards are selected for the messages you need to hear, I will tune into deeper levels of what the cards are meant to convey and relays the insight I intuitively receives through various ways.

I have a wide selection of Oracle Card Decks and I read the energy with your Guides and you to select the perfect decks for this now moment.

Through the messages, answers and guidance you receive in this reading, it's likely some information may resonate strongly with you and provide validation / confirmation of insight you've already intuitively received regarding your situation.


Ultimately, the goal is to strengthen your own intuitive empowerment as the answers are truly all within us individually.


Oracle Cards are one of many tools to reflect answers to us from the external world, further enhancing connection to Source through Self.

Your First Session...

I offer your initial personal Session on a Voluntary Donation and Gifting basis. Sharing in this way with you is my highest joy and Highest Service and is my Gift to you and All That Is. If you enjoyed your session, please consider joining and becoming a member. If you wish, you may offer a monetary gift in exchange by making a single or recurring contribution, or even by Sending a Gift, or by Offering a Service.

Initial bookings are offered on a first come - first serve basis, as time permits... so be sure to book now!


Starting at $74

Light Languages are a Quantum Tool of Pure Intention.

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