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Mastery Membership

A Mastery Membership gives you access to Member-Only content such as:

  • Free monthly themed Member-Only Interactive Workshops via ZOOM VIDEO

  • Special Member-Only Interactive Workshops

  • Discounts on Public Events and other Interactive Workshops

  • Discounts on Private Sessions and One-on-One Mentoring

  • Member-Only Videos

  • and MORE

Member-Only Workshops are PRIVATE and not PUBLICALLY PUBLISHED or RESOLD.

Monthly billed Memberships require a Paypal Account for the recurring payments.

ONE YEAR pre-paid memberships are processed by Paypal, but do not require Paypal Accounts.  You can pay with a credit or debit card and select "Proceed as Guest" from the Paypal payment screen.  Paypal requires an email address for all payments.

Select your Level of Mastery Membership:
Each level of mastery will include
exclusive workshops and content tailored
to that level of Mastery.