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Light Language Blessing off Gratitude to the Owl Collective Consciousness

🦉Light Language Blessings of Gratitude to the Owl Collective🦉A Gift of from our Resident Owl

SYNCHRONICITY!!! Good Day, Good love and Great Light Illuminators and Wayshowers. and Guardians of Gaia!🙏🌏m🌐🦉 If you've been watching my YouTube videos for a little while and/or joining me and Dave in the Sacred Space of our open Zoom room for Goddess Fridays Webinar, ( You may find the LINK TO JOIN our Webinars here on the Goddess Friday Page) we've been speaking a great deal about the Owl and the Wisdom brought forth by the Owl Collective Consciousness, as well as Feathers as a Symbol of Messages from Source, our Angels, Ancestors, Avian & Animal Spirit Guides to assist us in our remembering our Inner Wisdom and Support being brought forth to us by the Avian and Animal Collective Consciousnesses...🦉🐦🕊🦅🦢🦆🦜🦚

If you would like to take a moment to share the gift of our interaction on a Higher Consciousness MultiDimensional frequency, please enjoy the light language message in the following link to the video I did this morning on my YouTube channel Languages of Lights... In Divine Grace and Gratitude for sharing my JOurneY🙏...Wendy Wolfe


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