Light Language Activation  ~ Video or Audio Recording ~

What shall Wendy focus on for your Light Language Activation Video or Audio?

Please fill out the form below (click here or scroll down).

After Wendy receives form submission and payment, she will make time in her schedule within 7 days  to connect with your Guides and meditate on any focuses you submit below.

Wendy makes note of all information and energies she receives for you and then creates sacred space to record your video or audio.


She will photograph any Light Code symbols she channels for you, and you'll receive a digital copy of them in an email with a private link to your video or audio.

Energy Exchange in Gratitude ♡

~~ Personalized Video ~~

Light Language Activation (VIDEO)
$56.00 USD

 ~~Personalized Audio ~~

Light Language Activation (.MP3 Audio)
$38.00 USD

Three Pack Audio Files
3 Light Language Activations (.MP3 Audios)

$99.00 USD (save $15!)

Six Pack Audio Files
6 Light Language Activations (.MP3 Audios)

$188.00 USD
(one FREE audio!)

☆ Your Belief and Intention Creates Your Session ☆彡

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~ I look forward to connecting ~ In Grace & Gratitude ~




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