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Higher Consciousness Connections by Nurturing in Nature🌱

🌿 Expressing my Gratitude for our culinary CO🌱creators! In Joy repotting herbs Basil & Italian Oregano, and my Beautiful Chrysanthemums, Flower of November, (and 11 my Birthmonth)😇 in between the rain drops💧

The most "natural" way to open your Clair senses to the "Language of Light" is to spend every opportunity in nature as possible... even just imagining BEing in anywhere in Nature, looking at photos of Gaia, and looking out the window has immeasurable benefits. Whether you are bringing the harvest and plants in for over wintering in the northern hemisphere, planting and readying for summer in the Southern hemisphere, or in between living in more tropical areas like me here in Florida USA, being with the ELementals is the easiest way to open the channel to your own Multidimensional Higher Consciousness by engaging all of your available senses.

*('Clairs'... Clair Senses are currently understood as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent, clairtangency, and clairgustance, clairempathy and channeling)

"Everything Speaks the Languages of Lights" ...

The Emissaries of the Light Collective Consciousness Channeled by Wendy Wolfe


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