Join us LIVE for Goddess Fridays! -Honoring & Activating the Divine GODdess Energies!

Join us in the Sacred Space of our Zoom room as we explore the connections to our Multidimensionality and the Magic buried in the Light Codes and information within Relics & Artifacts, the Ancient and Channeled Wisdom of the Oracle Cards, Archetypes & Animal Guides, Crystals, Sacred Symbols & Circuitry, Music & Sound, Light Language Linguistics, Channeling and the Alchemy of your ACTIVE PARTICIPATION!

GOD AND GODDESS DRESS IS REQUESTED!------------ BRING YOUR ARTIFACTS AND RELICS CRYSTALS & GODDESS RELATED ORACLE CARDS ! We Invite you to Explore and Express your UNIQUE and CREATIVE Multidimensionality!! God, Goddess and Superhero Costumes, Jewelry and Other~Wordly Accessories are requested to attend but not required.

The link to join the Zoom video chat room WILL BE POSTED HERE in the Event description of this weekly Blog 1:00pm EST USA on Wendy"s Website, Languages of Lights:


Link To Participate & JOIN THE ZOOM ROOM Posted HERE prior to Webinar:

  1. Visit my Website for more information about my Services, Angels, ET & Spirit Guide Connections, Light Languages, Private 1 on 1 & Group Light Language Activations, Personal Sacred Symbols & Light Codes, Channeled Guidance, Sound & Galactic Reiki Healing Sessions, Oracle Readings including Personal Pre~Recorded Video or Audio Light Language Illumination Activations, Oracle & Crystal Readings, Galactic Energy Healing, Assistance in Activating your ET & Hybrid Connections & experiences, Personal Gaia Portal Activations Visit Languages of Lights Website at: Wendy Wolfe ~ Channeling The Emissaries of The Light Collective including The Angelic Realms, The ELementals, Ascended Masters, Animal & Celestial Collectives, Spirit Guides, ET Hybrid children & Galactic Families .



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