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Praying with The Mantis Collective 

Check out the magical videos I made this morning and afyernoon when I spotted this little friend twice today...

🙏🌈💎It was several years after my 1st photo shoot with the Praying Mantis that I then experienced my own connections to the Mantis Collective in a Parallel Reality in which I received very emotional downloads and visions of me as my Mantis self as well as other communications with them about the part that I played in the creation of this planet and others in connection with them and the Human Collective Consciousness. They came to me in a variety of beautiful shimmering Royal colors such as deep Indigo blue, deep Royal purple Emerald greens and ruby reds along with clear crystals seemingly covering them reflecting in all colors...Wendy #PrayingMantisCollective #LightLanguage #AnimalCollectives #ParallelRealities #Channeling #LanguagesOfLights

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And then came the Spider...

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