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Project: DAILY SACRED CIRCUIT Symbol from Sirius

We have created a new project for creating a way for lightworkers interested in Bashar's Sacred Circuitry symbols and to display them on your own website automatically based on various numerology calculations.

We are starting by showing the Daily Sacred Circuit based on a calculation of the current date. This works similarly to an oracle card or tarot card of the day representing the current energy of the day. Check out this website home page daily to see the symbol of the day!

If you are interesting in being able to display this on your own web site, please contact me or Wendy!

We have lots of ideas and plans for incorporating a bunch of different features and options, different styles of the symbols, and different numerological calculations and easy ways to control it and add it to your own website!

If you are interesting in supporting this project, we would like this to be supported by donations so if there is interest and donations for this, we can do all kinds of cool things with these and other light language symbols (perhaps even yours!)... so please donate and contact us!

In love and light, thank you so much! -Dave


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