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Synchronicity👁Messages from The Mind's Eye 💆‍♀️🧘‍♀️

Synchronicity is something that I have identified all of my life as signs I was "in sync with my Universe" as I then stated...seeing from my higher self's perspectives...Messages from my mind's eye… I guess I was on to something 😉I thus then became (somewhat but not realky jokingly) known by friends and family as The "Queen of Sychronicity" As I took every opportunity to point it out at any given moment I was moved by Spirit to do so.

Today is no exception... I've been feeling the Avian Collective Consciousness messages strongly lately, and was pondering the profound life altering decisions in this Grand Illusion I've made since last November, and specifically Thanksgiving Day here in the USA, the month and day of my birth, (11.28.(61) creating changes in my life I could not have imagined. In that moment, Dave asked if I'd like him to pull some cards. He chose the deck, shuffled, and once again...the Synchronicities unfolded. If you were Guided here, this Message us also for you...How is it applicable in your reality?

In the Harmony of Synchronicity,

🙏💫🎼💜Wendy 🎵🦌🐤🦃🦋

P.s. My Birthpath Number is 11; Dave's is 12💫🌟

My Birthpath Number is 11, Dave's is 12😘😉🎵😇💫🎼🌠


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