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TRANSPORTational TRANSmissions~ Lyran-Sirian Council, Shakani & Speaker NU (Synapse/DNA Activations)

Sacred Circuitry Symbols ~ Scripts of Light

Channeled from the Lyran-Sirian Council, Shakani Collective, and Speaker NU

If/when able to, PRINT OUT THE IMAGE BELOW to work with these symbols consciously and intentionally. It's most effective to PRINT on paper because the energy will remain pure on paper and can provide a "stronger" connection than through a digital screen.

  1. It is suggested to "read" these symbols with your eyes AND with your finger (sense of touch activates the Physical Body), as if you're "reading Brail."

  2. TRACE these symbols slowly with your finger, pausing briefly with each dot.

  3. After each symbol, pause and take a deep breath.

  4. Each time these symbols are touched or viewed, you'll be guided to use them differently.

These are INTER-ACTIVE symbols that will interact with your energy differently in each moment, depending on what you need most at that time.

  • These symbols are specifically designed to connect (with) the synapses in the brain AND your multidimensional DNA

  • Touching them activates DIFFERENT brain synapses & DNA every time you do it, as needed in each moment [for specific reasons throughout your path]

  • These TRANS-PORTational TRANSmissions (Trans/Trance - PORTAL) can connect you (and transport you) to the Sirius Star System, their Councils, and other Star Systems with your intention

  • They can be used to extract higher dimensional data (and process that information)

  • They can be used in assisting us to better understand/recognize our belief systems

  • They can be used as an effective tool to break down and/or identify "negative" (unhelpful) belief systems within, that no longer serve your journey

  • These symbols act as a bridge to "OTHER" aspects of oneself (non-linear, like parallel realities), Star Systems, AND the memories of these connections

  • They can also be used as an intention to connect with various other aspects and archetypes of ourselves (as well as other collectives)

  • >> (Connecting with other aspects & archetypes of ourselves helps strengthen our ability to receive that information, and identifies to us those specific archetypes (including Animal Archetypes) of/within ourselves, for better integration of us each as Multidimensional Beings)

  • They also facilitate the activation of portals across the planet to allow in the deeper penetration of Higher Dimensional frequencies/energies/information to the masses

Each individual will be guided specifically how to utilize these symbols in their own way, in order to facilitate the activation of these Higher Dimensional portals around Gaia.

These symbols also facilitate connections with:

  • Different aspects of your Higher Self

  • The Hybridization Program

  • The Hybrid Children

Page of symbols written 8/27/2019 ~ New (NU) Light Language ACTivations (since we've stepped through the Aug. 2019 Lionsgate)

TRANSPORTational TRANSmissions (DNA/brain synapse activations) from Lyran-Sirian Council, the Shakani, and Speaker NU

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~ In Grace & Gratitude ~ Infinite Blessings ~ Channeled by Wendy Wolfe Transcribed by Breanna Lynn Houk



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