October 23rd ~ Expressions of Light Languages online gathering! Join WEdNesDaYs with Wendy at 1:11pm

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019 ~ 1:11pm Central Time

Wendy & Bree invite you to join this Sacred Space for exploring and expressing Light Languages (and other topics too!) together in a LIVE YouTube broadcast, where the last ~30 minutes will be off-air, dedicated to personal chatting & sharing in our "after-party."

We're focusing on APPLYING Light Language into our daily lives.

Wendy will be answering questions, addressing YouTube viewers' comments and questions, channeling, and sharing Light Language Activations.

You can interact with us by chatting in the YouTube Live Chat section on:

YouTube Watch Page:


We have spaces for many attendees to join us!

The participation link to join the Zoom Room with video and/or audio (and options for audio-only via phone call) will be posted in the COMMENTS OF THIS BLOG before we start (around 1pm CDT).

See you there! 💛

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