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Eagle's Perspective of Freedom (channeled video transcription)

<Transcribed from channeled video, linked below>

Eagle in a tree at Kentucky Lake, Tennessee
Our eagle neighbor (photographed by Wendy Wolfe)

Those of us that are connected to the Earth in this way, that we know that we have power over the weather… We have power over our reality.

We are beginning to move as one, as a unit, as united, as a humanity, finally breaking the barriers of limitation, of judgement. Seeing each other as humans, as a collective, what is best for all of us collectively.

For as you begin to share your highest perspectives, as you begin to share your gifts, the ability you have to respond - that is your response-ability. Your ability to respond to your gifts and your talents. Allowing yourself to see yourselves creating a reality that you never, ever dreamed possible, because now you can see yourselves from a higher perspective. You can see your power from a different perspective. You can see now the power that you have to create, to self-heal, simply by being connected. Connecting to all that you are.

Today’s date equals 14, the Sirian symbol Sacred Circuit for 14 is “Connect.” Where are you connecting more fully now to the Earth? The air within you, the breath within you, the fire within your soul, the ethers of love of which we are all connected. Where are you being called to connect further with your passion? That which lies within you dormant, waiting, waiting to be awakened. Connecting to the water within you, the water within your body, speaking to your cells in a way you never have before. Connecting to your body, your heart, your skin, your organs.

Being grateful for all the things that you can do, and being grateful for the things you cannot. For it is the things you cannot do that point you to the things that you’re supposed to be doing. They’re not limitations… they’re the catalyst. It’s all a perspective. You can see a limitation as negative, or you can see it as a compass, pointing you to what you DO desire to create.

Standing in the winds of change, speaking to the Earth, the sky, the rain, the soil, the water within you, because it’s all connected -- to the Eagle Spirit, to every spirit, every tree, every leaf, every plant, every breath you take you are connected to, and everything that has ever existed is connected to that, and to you.

This is the perspective. The Eagle perspective.

Standing square in the storm, experiencing this new perspective. Connecting to all that you are, accepting, loving COMPLETELY all that you are. Grounding with Gaia, and connecting with every realm, every dimension, every planet, every star, every galaxy, every you, every fractal of you, every reflection of the diamond that you are. You are now experiencing these perspectives, accepting, embracing, emanating. You are living now as a full, whole creature, knowing that just BEing… is perfect. The fact that you exist is perfect. Source has never made a mistake in its creations, of anything. {light language channeling}

Take the leap of faith. {light language channeling}

As you connect, you create more and more FROM all that you are, and GIVE more and more to all that you are, and all that is. {light language channeling}

Holistic, whole, healing, health. {light language channeling}

It is all love. It is all love. {light language channeling}

There is love, and there is fear of love. {light language channeling}

Fall into love with yourself, with your life, with your creation. {light language channeling}

And feel the freedom, feel the freedom of love. {light language channeling}

~Channeled by Wendy Wolfe

Watch the original video of this transcription, with Light Language:

The Freedom of Love ~ A Light Language Message 🦅The Eagle's Perspective🦅 The Guardians of Gaia (3.14.2019) -





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