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Empowering YourSELF

With LOVE and LIGHT....


For those of you deciding to experience negative entities and negative experiences, I say to you: how exciting you are deciding to choose to experience these things! Do it with excitement...Do it in your highest excitement! See things in a way that serves you, for these things are here for you to learn from and to be able to find the power within you to control your own reality. Have fun with it!

Eventually, when you realize that you are creating all of this yourself - for the experience - and when you choose to have a positive perspective on these things and choose to assign positive meanings to these things using your imagination, you will move into a higher frequency of understanding.  It is up to you. It is always up to you. It is always ALL Up to you.

The "gift" FOR YOU AND BY YOU is finding this out for yourself!  No one can do it for you, for having your own experience is the way that you learn and grow and expand.

Your gift to *us*  is giving us the opportunity to follow our highest excitement by sharing this information with you.


Channelled by Dave Yelen



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