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BONUS MESSAGE🦄 9.20.2019 Oracle of The Unicorns and Crystal Ally Cup of Inspiration YouTube Video

During today's impromptu (as they typically are 🙂) intuitive Cup of Inspiration Light Language Oracle of the Unicorn and Crystal Ally Collective YouTube video recording I was guided to add 2 additional Unicorn of the Oracle cards that were not included in the video for those of you that would like these 2 additional messages from The Unicorn Oracle of The Unicorn and Crystalline Collective Consciousnesses🌈🎼💫

And what Beautiful Synchronicities they are!

Finding your Sanctuary in Nature🌲🌳🌱🦋🐞🦅🦓🐄🐘🕊🦌🦄🐎🐺🐅🦉🐢🦘🐨🦎🐠🐚💐🍃🍁🌿🍂


💙Angelite Heart 💎 Purple Jade 💜

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